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Scott Gurley is a 27-year-old, single, communications specialist for the Florida Army National Guard, currently deployed to Afghanistan. Back home, Scott studies journalism, with a minor in political science, at the University of Central Florida. Journalism intrigues him because he believes information makes the difference between effective and ineffective local and global citizens. And, he believes there is a great need for accurate, thorough, and fair reporting.
Scott hopes to one day work in Washington, D.C. for World Magazine, or The Washington Times. Currently, he is working toward that goal by capitalizing on opportunities provided through his deployment, to give people back home a clearer picture of life in Afghanistan, today. He plans to do this through articles, photojournalism, and blogging


Writing, photography, playing the guitar, martial arts, are some of my hobbies. The Lord of The Rings, Dead Poet Society, and Meet Joe Black are some of my favorite movies.