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WOW! Congratulations on your hike! These pictures are incredible!! Thank you for letting us see the view!
By the way- I really like your sunglasses. Some one who cares about you a lot must have helped you pick them out. I'm so impressed with you! Mountain climbing and everything!


Some great pix here. Suggest you slap a copyright notice on each one of em' to prevent getting ripped off like Mike Yon did.

One thing that comes thru lima chuck in all your pix, there ain't much to remind ya of MCO is there? :)

Shawna Kennedy

Great Pictures! My husband is there, Camp Phoenix, and I've been after him to take some pics for our kids and myself. Thank you for ALL THAT YOU DO

Cole Steele


I just added the feed from your blog to my site... I get a couple hundred visitors a day... so you will not be "blogging to nowhere"... You are on page six...



Nice pics, thank you for sharing the them and please to you and all the troops there, please be safe to be home soon with your families. God Bless!

Nancy Poole

Just received news of Paul Beyers death in an IED explosion yesterday we are all missing him here in Minnesota & North Dakota. Prayers are with all of you there.


there is no case, not only to meet again to experience the rhythm of fire

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