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Shawna Kennedy

I'm very sorry to hear about the soldier as I'm very sorry about all of them, my husband mentioned it to me today that he was on the plane that the soldier's wife was on. Good luck to you soldier in all that you do.


My heart goes out to brigade. You will all be in my thoughts & prayers. and THANK YOU, for all you do!!!

Kat in GA

I am so sorry to hear this... you are ALL in our thoughts and prayers. we appreciate you and your service, and we are proud of every last one of y'all... *hugs* You are all in our pryaers.


I could't help but think of David while reading this and wondering where he might be. We have yet to hear form him, other than a short e-mail but pray constantly for all of you. It's awesome that you're tour is almost over! It is hard to get back into the swing of civilian life but your family and friends will be thrilled to have you home. Thank you for a look into your life at Camp Phoenix. Gob Bless and keep an eye out for the Oklahoma boys!

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Do as well as we can today, and perhaps we can do better tomorrow! ! !


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