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Neatie Hillman

Hey Soldier - - Nice little blog. Don't worry about coming home. Just do it. Love conquers all and all that stuff. This coming from a bunch of women in a goat pasture in Texas - -manless goat pasture to boot. Could be that goats don't smell to good, soldier. I guess you have become familiar with goats in Afghanistan - - haven't you. Goats are for eating or so we've been told. Pretty mountain photos you posted. We used to live on a deserted mountain in Virginia in a horse pasture. We like pastures, soldier. Horses smell better than goats and are not for eating. Well, we just wanted to thank you and will keep reading you in between the goat herding. Your new fans,
Neatie and the other girls


Hi I was reading your bog about the back packs .. I would love to help ...so you could do it againg for the children . With maybe a personal backpack. Holding things they cant get. Handheld games ;-) u did good. I would love to know if I could help.


Just come home. We'll work out the details when you get here. Be safe. I miss you. Normal life, here we come! I'm proud of you! I love every minute of being your girlfriend- no matter where you are!

Shawna Kennedy

There you are sweatin the small stuff.. Keep it simple .. people, places and things have a way of working themselves out. I'm grateful for your words on this blog as I now may be able to understand where my husband is coming from~ he just can't explain it as well as you do. My prayers are with you CS as well as with all our men and women. Stay Safe.. MRS SFC KENNEDY

Kelley King

Nice blog. You are about the only person I have found to blog from Camp Phoenix. I am a spouse of a 41st brigade soldier joining your group. He is stationed now out at the FOB Tombstone. Have you met the guys from Oregon? Before you leave you should pass along how cool it is for those of us at home to have a peek into the experience there. Truly, a moving picture you have created here. Thank you for your efforts, both thru your words here and as an American soldier. Good luck with your re-entry home.


I will miss your postings, as Kelley mentioned above it gives us (the ones @ home) a perspective into your lives there and for some reason it gives me a little bit of peace. BTW Kelley, my husband is also with the 41st Brigade out of Oregon, fancy meeting you here. (smile)


Yes Thank-You for sharing with us. My son I believe just arrived or will shortly with a Oregon unit. Josh is from Maine but was sent out with an Oregon Unit. He was at Camp Shelby before he left for overseas. I've been trying to find blogs and news about Afganistan since he was called up.
Thanks again for your posts.

Mrs. Buck

My husband is there. I wonder if you know him. I miss him to and wonder how life will be when he gets home, also. It will be wonderful to finally see him. He is a wonderful man. bless you and get home safely..

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