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Mom & Dad

Scott, our son, we are so proud of you. Thank you for faithfully sharing your experiences and outstanding photography so that we can catch a glimpse of your world. Thank you for courageously serving the USA in compassionate missions as well as military missions. We love you! God keep you.

Ellen Morris

Dear Scott: I look forward to each blog you post. They are always interesting and well written. I now have a different perspective on our role in Afghanistan thanks,in the main, to you. The media seems to take great delight in reporting only the bad news. Very rarely do we see or hear of the good people like you are doing. Thank you. To me, you represent the best this country has to offer and I'm sure your kindness and goodwill will be remembered by these children and their parents for a very long time. God bless you and keep you and your fellow soldiers safe.

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Hey, that was interesting,

I really feel sorry for these chikldren as they are stuck in the middle of something that they dont yet understand.

Thanks for bringing this up

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