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Its SO good to have you home!! I am SO excited for normal life and all that will bring! I am so very proud of you, Scott!! I still can't believe its over! We made it!! :) Welcome home, honey!


Glad you made it home safe! Readjustment to civilian life can be tough sometimes but remember to let your friends and family help. I feel that being such a good writer has already helped you more than you may realize. Thank you for your sacrifice and good luck!
OK teacher

Shawna Kennedy

Wow, that message really brought tears to my eyes, as I have been missing my husband endlessly. I cannot wait till it's OUR turn. Thank you Sgt for your words and allowing another soldiers wife to be apart of your life. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and thank you kelli for yours also.

Kat in GA ~ A Soldiers' Angel

Welcome, welcome home! Well done, sir. We are proud of you.


Mrs. Schmitt

glad your home with your family! my hubby is due to deploy to afgan for our first deployment soon and i was wondering .... what type of cell phones work over there? can you plz help this army wife out?


Welcome home bro we were glad to see you up here! -yo lil sis *Megs*

Terrina Rush

Glad you are home safe. I just discovered your site because I was trying to figure out how close Camp Phoenix was to kabul. I adopted a soldier at Camp Phoenix through Soldiers Angels. After reading your site , I bet he was in your replacement group as he has been there about two months. My son processed out in 2004, so I adopted another soldier to pray for and send goodies to. I am so glad you are homes safe and best of luck for the future. Hooah young man. God bless you always.


I am glad you are home safe. I pray all is well with you now. My husband just arrived at Camp Pheonix, yesterday 8-18-06. I have not heard from him - but I pray God will take care of him and all the troops over there! God's love to you and all the men and women who serve!

SSgt Michael Zink

Your web page has been a source of great information and I thank you for that. I am deploying to Phoneix in the next few weeks working for KBR and I was wondering if you could give me some helpful hints on what i should bring that most people would not think of. When did it start to get cold ie. start wearing coats? Also how reliable is the PX for attaining things as well as how long did it take packages to arrive from stateside to you.

jack gillen

Thank you and welcome home!!!!!!

Richard Stanforth

Thank you and all the soldiers for fighting for all of our freedoms. I am proud to say my daughter was involved in the making of the C15 Cargo plane. We are proud of her as well. God bless each of you. Job well done.


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I don't know if you'll ever read this... but I'm so glad to know that you made it home safely and hope and pray things are still going well for you now!!!!

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Joelle Donnelly

OMG I have found you!!! I have looked for you on and off through out the years. You look fantastic. I hope this works and we can re-connect after all these years. I still have your dog tags hanging in my room.

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I wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavors.

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